SandStory Skills Training

SandStory SkillsĀ® is a method of enabling children and young people to tell their stories in an safe contained way.

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Walking Through The Door

This course is designed to help individuals that want to work with both challening and vunerable children and young children. The course is based on what skills you already have and how these need to be utilised in order to work both  professionally and productively with them.

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Emotional Wellbeing - Golf

This course has enabled the young people to reflect on how they can be within a group, what they need to do to adjust and work as a team player, how to enable others to grow within the group through communication and acceptance of each other as the programme moved forward.

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Therapeutic Story Creation's written by and for Children.

Small groups of Children will work together to create a story that enables them to connect with each, support and problem solve together and build their confidence.

Training & Wellbeing Courses