Together we will walk through the door.
Together we will walk through the door.
We will explore
We will explore
We will reflect
We will reflect
We will explore further
We will explore further
And when you are ready you will move forward.
And when you are ready you will move forward.


Creative Interventions,

Which I find enables the unconscious to become conscious in a safe, accepting way. 

  • Interventions that are offered:
  • SandStory Trays : looking at where I see myself, power dynamics, 
  • Russian Dolls : Inner Child Work, Feelings of Shame, Aspects of self
  • Cards :   Shadow self, The differing roles I play and have played.
  • Journalling : develpment of self-awareness.
  • Outside interventions as discussed and agreed with Indivduals
  • Narrative/storytelling therapy.

These are just a few creative intervetions that i have found support and develop the Therapeutic relationship and enable individuals to grow.

Child Sessions are child led with support and guidance in developing the strategies needed to grow their resilience and mental wellbeing.

Art Therapy Skills Workshops offering emotional wellbeing support through creativity. 

NCS The National Counselling Society

I am a registered Member of the NCS (National Counselling Society)  and I am therefore bound by their Ethical Framework. I am fully insured and DBS cleared Counsellor.  

Our Services

These can be either face-to-face or online platform.

Offering an opportunity for individuals that supervise others the chnace to look at things from a different perspective.

Group Workshops

Different types of workshop we can cover; 

Anixety, Anger, Friendships, Resilence and more.

The Training Courses I can offer are;

  • SandStory Skills
  • Emotional Wellbeing - Golf
  • Walking Through The Door.

Our mission

As a Creative Counsellor

/Supervisor, I am looking to get individauls to look at themselves through a different perspective.